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The event "Survival Game" was held on August 4, 2022 at the largest Jump Arena Trampoline Park in Ho Chi Minh City. More than 100 members of LINE Vietnam - Dev Center were divided into 6 teams (Brown, Cony, Choco, Sally, Leonard, Moon) and competing against each other to win the 1st prize.WHO WILL BE THE SURVIVORS?RUN OR DIE!!!JUMP TO THE SKYNEVER LET IT GO!Not only competing with pure muscles strength, but players also had to fight with smart tactics to survive. TIME TO TIC TAC TOEGIVE ME YOUR LIFE! The last fight was the most thrilling game! FINAL BATTLE And the Survivors were... Choco Team! 

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The new impressive office of HCMC Development Center – LINE Vietnam


The new office of HCMC Development Center - LINE Vietnam is ready to welcome our LINERs to work at the 27th floor of Viettel Complex Building - one of the largest and most modern A-level building in HCMC.With a total area of 1,136 m2, the new house of HCMC Development Center is designed as a multi-function office, providing a comfortable and inspiring working space for LINERs.The office is equipped with up to 11 meeting rooms of various sizes and styles, suitable for each team to hold regular meetings or simply share ideas among employees. There are 3 large meeting rooms integrated with Polycom system to help our employees having online meetings with team members working remotely or with other global LINERs.In addition to the working area, the office also has many spaces for employees to relax, recharge and search for new ideas.Let’s go for a virtual office tour with us through the following link: To ensure safety in the context of the global pandemic as well as help LINERs improve their work-life balance, HCMC Development Center will also apply Hybrid work 1.0 in the upcoming weeks.We had held an online HR Town Hall on December 17 to introduce this new working model to all employees, whereby employees have the flexibility to choose when to go to the office or work from home according to the status of their ongoing project.With the investment in the new office as well as the supportive working model for employees, we hope that LINERs will have a great and inspiring working environment to stimulate creative thinking!

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LINE Hanoi has moved to new house!


We've moved! LINE Technology Vietnam's new home is now ready for LINERs to move in.Let's explore our humble abode and learn some fun facts in the following images.The consistency of LINE office design means instant familiarity. That way, all employees can move freely and work comfortably no matter which LINE office they’re in, and never have to feel like a stranger.Brown is one of LINE's most endearing characters. In Hanoi, Brown and his friends accompany LINERs and welcome guests and candidates to the office.To LINERs, the office is not only a working space. It's our second home.With our aesthetically pleasing and flexible modular design, LINE offices provide a variety of spaces suitable for sharing and producing creative work. Moreover, state-of-the-art facilities are mobile-friendly, making LINE offices one of the most accessible and desirable places to work. 

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Highlights from LTV Techtalk 2020


On May 30, 2020, LINE Technology Vietnam (LTV) had the honor of welcoming nearly 100 engineers to Techtalk 2020. With a diverse range of topics from the technologies used in the many products and services in the LINE ecosystem, our guests showed significant interest and enthusiasm in the extended discussion session after the event.Topic 1: LTV's Development Cycle & How We Leverage It to Build an Exceptional TeamTopic 2: How We Build a Large Scale Application: LINE Official Account ManagerTopic 3: LINE CHAT System ArchitectureTopic 4: LINE Delivery InfrastructureTopic 5: LINE BOT Service IntroductionTopic 6: What engineers could do to increase their value as employeesOnce again, LTV expresses our sincere appreciation to the participation of all our guests, and would love to see many more passionate engineers at our future events.