Our goal is to enable and support our members to realize their full potential.

inhouse training system


We offer competitive pay and significant bonuses to help you reach your financial goals.

  • Competitive monthly salary
  • Guaranteed 13th month
  • Performance-based bonus & salary review every 6 months *
  • Corporate Stock Options based on Group policy
  • Social insurance contributions on full salary
  • Monthly allowances for transportation and electricity *
  • Hybrid working scheme
inhouse training system


The nature of our team-work calls for a robust team spirit, with people from different backgrounds working toward the same goals.

  • Organized by the company:
    • Annual events: Company trips, Year-end party, and Olympic Day, plus seasonal festivals & events
    • Half period events: All-hands Meeting
    • Quarterly events: Happy time
  • Organized by teams: free-style teambuilding activities, funded by the company
  • Free-use ping-pong and billiard table for everyone to wind down and make new friends.
  • Clubs: Swimming club, Football club *
development oppotunity for engineer

Learning Culture

Because tech industry is a fast-moving environment, we empower everyone to learn and grow.

  • Opportunities to join various knowledge-sharing events
    • Corporate events: Tech-Verse, and other exclusive seminars for engineers
    • Public events: Developer Meetup, and other local or online events *
  • Support for English and Japanese language training *
  • Access to most of the company’s resources on Confluence
  • Accessible library with provision for work-related books upon request *
  • Provide account for learning platform services (Udemy) *
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We want all our employees to be comfortable and able to focus on the tasks at hand. Let us take care of everything.

  • Stylish modern office with separate public, work, and utility spaces.
  • Standing desks with adjustable height to suit your posture. Do you prefer coding while standing up? No problem! *
  • Herman Miller ergonomic chairs are some of the most comfortable seats you ever try.
  • Top-of-the-line equipment: 27-inch monitor, iMac or Macbook Pro, company mobile phones for each developer.
  • Free address policy with personal lockers and office booths.
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Health & Fitness

We care and provide health assistance not only for you, but also for your family.

  • Annual leave based on Company policy *
  • Annual health check-up
  • Premium health insurance for yourself plus 3 family members
  • Company-sponsored participation in local sport events *
  • Care kit for important life events *
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Feel the joy and pride from being a member of LY Corporation.

  • Exclusive welcome kit for new employees
  • Corporate gifts to celebrate anniversaries.


*Differs by location