Hiring process

Typically, shortlisted applicants will be asked to do an online test and join two interviews.

From test to final interview, it should take up from 2 to 3 weeks.

You can send us a direct message via Hanoi's fanpage/ HCM's fanpage, or get in touch with our Recruitment team at dl_lv_recruit@linecorp.com (Hanoi) or dl_devcareer@linecorp.com (Hochiminh).


Your application will be processed within one week. We'll get in touch with you for a brief screening over the phone, if necessary.

It's possible but not necessary, since we will keep an eye on all other suitable positions that you might be a good match. So once is enough!

We keep your profile in our talent pool for a period of six months. So if your previous application was from over six months ago, or if your resume has got a significant update, please re-apply.

Modification is not possible. Please re-apply for the same position and this time remember to attach the files you want to send us. Additionally, in the application form, you can also leave a note to let us know which files are the correct ones.

Online test

No, it's not.

The online coding test is usually mandatory for all tech positions.

Candidates for non-tech positions might be asked to take a test in other formats.

Depends on the position you're applying for, the test should take about 1-2 hour.

The test's purpose is for you to show your technical skills, coding mindset, and general domain knowledge.

Each candidate is allowed to do it once. You can try another time six months after your previous attempt.


To get to know each applicant as much as possible, we would like to schedule two meetings separately: one for technical interview, the other for general interview.

You may meet the Hiring Manager, your would-be team mates, and any stakeholders that will work closely with the applied position in the future.

Due to the nature of LINE's global team, you'll get to meet engineers from other countries.

It is! We will conduct the interview online if any party cannot be present in person, due to physical location or social-distancing measures.

You and LINE engineers will discuss in-depth on your skills and how well you match with our expectations. You may be asked to elaborate on how you approach and solve the provided problems.

After the tech discussion, the candidate and LINE will dig deeper into other aspects, such as their experiences, core values, working style, and expectations for the position.

Most positions don't require candidates to speak a specific language, so either Vietnamese or English is OK. In case you need support, an intepreter will be there to help you.

We will inform you about the results and next steps within three working days after the interview.