LINE Hanoi has moved to new house!

  • 2021.08.05

We've moved! LINE Technology Vietnam's new home is now ready for LINERs to move in.

Let's explore our humble abode and learn some fun facts in the following images.

The consistency of LINE office design means instant familiarity. That way, all employees can move freely and work comfortably no matter which LINE office they’re in, and never have to feel like a stranger.

Brown is one of LINE's most endearing characters. In Hanoi, Brown and his friends accompany LINERs and welcome guests and candidates to the office.

To LINERs, the office is not only a working space. It's our second home.

With our aesthetically pleasing and flexible modular design, LINE offices provide a variety of spaces suitable for sharing and producing creative work. Moreover, state-of-the-art facilities are mobile-friendly, making LINE offices one of the most accessible and desirable places to work.